The Veritas Classical Academy Curriculum

Veritas was founded with a commitment to a comprehensive Christian worldview, classical teaching methods and the highest academic standards.  We are pleased to provide the following document summarizing our curriculum scope and sequence.  First, a summary below of our choices, followed by discussion of our rationale.

Bible - Scripture Memorization and Reading, NKJV

Latin - Memoria Press Latin Curriculum

Grammar - First Language Lessons

Spelling - Spell to Write and Read

Math - Math in Focus (Singapore Math)

Penmanship - Memoria Press New American Cursive

Composition - Writing with Ease

History - Story of the World / Memoria Press Classical Studies 

Science - Apologia Science / Tiner Science / Novare Science

Geography - Memoria Press Geography

Poetry - Poetry Memorization for Classical Schools

Omnibus - Upper Level History / Literature

Logic - Memoria Press Logic Curriculum


Veritas is a non-denominational, independent, non-profit Christian school.  In keeping with our non-denominational mission, we will focus on Bible memorization and Bible reading.  This is consistent both with the classical approach to learning and the advice of Scripture itself.  Our students will hide the Word of God in their hearts for lifelong benefit.

For Scripture memorization, we use the New King James Version of the Bible.  We have chosen this version because it features updated language, and thus is more approachable for modern ears, but retains many of the distinctive idioms of the original King James Bible, which is the most quoted book in the English language and the foundation of English literature.  


The most distinctive feature of a classical education is the Latin curriculum.  It is estimated that 70% of the English language is Latin-derived, particularly the vocabulary associated with medicine, science and engineering.  Students of Latin learn to think very precisely about words and sentence structure, as Latin grammar is rarely ambiguous, enhancing their use of English.  Similarly, students of Latin have an easier time learning the Romance languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian.

Veritas has chosen Memoria Press' Latin curriculum which is well-respected as a comprehensive grammar and logic school Latin program.  

Grammar / Spelling 

First Language Lessons is generally recognized as being one of the most comprehensive English grammar curriculums available, and will give our students a solid foundation for understanding the structure of the English language.  Veritas will also be using Spell to Write and Read, which focuses on the grammar of spelling, teaching the underlying rules so students can successfully spell beyond their immediately familiar vocabulary.


Singapore, a well-ordered country in southeast Asia, routinely finishes first in international math competitions.  Their secret is a math curriculum developed after years of research into what works in the classroom.  This curriculum has been adapted for the US market as Math in Focus.  It features full-color workbooks and cartoon illustrations kids love, focuses on technical math skills and teaches students to think deeply about problems.  In addition, it features math exercises that will challenge students of all ability levels, preventing situations where talented students are held back by the progress of their classmates.


As a classical school, we do not believe that beautiful handwriting is a relic to be discarded in a digital age.  In fact, quite the contrary, as handwritten correspondence has more of an impact because it is so uncommon today, and is superior to typing for composition in young children.  The New American Cursive curriculum will help our students master this nearly lost art, a lifelong skill that will lend distinction to their handwritten notes.  Numerous research studies also indicate that handwriting results in significantly greater knowledge retention than typing, as it engages more of the brain in the learning process.


Writing With Ease is a well-respected writing curriculum that utilizes classical methods, including copywork and dictation, to teach grammar stage students the basics of composition.


Our grammar school history curriculum is split into three sections.  Our pre-K and Kindergarten students complete our "Kinder World Discovery" program that features scores of high-quality picture books read aloud by the teacher, followed by teacher-facilitated discussion and recitation of key facts.  Our 1st-4th students complete a four year cycle of Story of the World, an overarching, accessible narrative for children covering the four major eras of history: Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, Late Modern.  This study is supplemented by integrated workbook and geography lessons.  5th and 6th graders complete a two-year cycle split between Ancient and Medieval/Modern, utilizing the award-winning classical studies curriculum published by Memoria Press.

Literature / Reading

Students will study age-appropriate literature in each grade level, the "great books" that have withstood the test of time.  From Beatrix Potter to Tolkien, we will cultivate good taste in our students, so that they can handle the strong meat of real literature rather than the thin milk so common among contemporary works for children.  In addition, many historical reading selections will be included to integrate with with the chronological history studies.


The well-loved, solidly scientific and reliably Biblical Apologia Science curriculum will introduce students to key concepts from chemistry, physics and biology in preparation for high school science.  Students in 1st-4th will study science in a multi-year cycle.  Students in 5th and 6th transition to the J. H. Tiner series covering the history and methods of scientific inquiry.  Beginning in 7th grade, students will study high school level science texts from Novare Press, a rigorous Christian science program authored by John Mays of Regents School of Austin.


While geography will be heavily integrated with our study of history, beginning in 5th grade students will begin a formal geography program from Memoria Press. Over two years we will cover the entire world such that the grammar of world geography is crystallized in their mind before the intense study of history to come in the upper level curriculum.


We will begin the study of rhetoric beginning in pre-K by memorizing great poetry, which teaches students the craft of beautiful language.  We will embrace the classical approach of structured poetry, that of rhyme and meter.  We will learn at the feet of the greatest wordsmiths of the English language, from Shakespeare to Kipling to Tennyson.


Veritas students will learn formal logic as part of their middle school education.  In a world of sound bites and the 24/7 media with its propaganda from all corners, political and commercial, the teaching of logic and the ability to detect fallacies in reasoning has never been more important.  We will equip our students to be ethical leaders who can reason correctly and winsomely.


Beginning in 7th grade and continuing through 12th, Omnibus is a "Great Books" curriculum forming the capstone of Veritas' classical methodology.  In Omnibus, our students will critically engage with the unfiltered, unabridged "great books" of Western Civilization.  We believe the student who completes Omnibus will have a world-class liberal arts education from a solid Christian worldview.  For our graduating students pursuing disciplines in the sciences, medicine or engineering, this foundation in high school will serve to provide a well-rounded grounding in the humanities before they begin the narrower, demanding focus of a technical education at the college level. 


Our objective is to equip our students with a comprehensive Christian worldview, one that builds confidence in, rather than tearing down, the cultural heritage of Christian, Western Civilization.  We believe God is turning the hearts of parents back to their home and leading many to see the centrality of Christian education in preserving multi-generational faithfulness.  It is this great task, with God's help, that we work towards for the glory of the Kingdom.