"The decision to partner with Veritas this year was not an easy one for our family. Our kids had great friends in public school and were hesitant to change. We worried about the expense. We have to drive from Buna. But then we met with Mr. Laenger and heard the school's vision. After one meeting we knew this was the place for us. Today my husband and I had the privilege of leading our daughter, Hannah to Christ. Words cannot express the joy in my heart as I listened to her answer our questions and express her desire to become a Christian with knowledge from the bible sound offs she's been learning. Those drills have a whole new meaning for my girl today. I'm so happy we chose to partner with Veritas to train up our children the right way. And it feels so good to know that I'll be sending her to school on Monday where she will be surrounded by a community of believers to disciple her."

- Casey Tyler, Veritas Mom

"We are so blessed to be a part of the Veritas Classical Academy family.  We prayed for many years for the opportunity to attend a university model school and the Lord has answered those prayers.  My son attended a public kindergarten, had a great teacher and loved school.  However, his dad and I felt called to provide a Christian education for our child.  We considered a traditional private Christian school, but our son would still be away from our influence for seven hours a day, five days a week, and it was also very expensive.  We tried homeschooling in first grade and loved the experience, but we felt apprehensive about coordinating his academic plan long term. When I found out about Veritas I could not believe it! It is the perfect school for us because it is the best of both worlds -  my son now has the opportunity to attend a Christian school that utilizes a classical curriculum, with experienced teachers, and be educated at home, too! The teachers, headmaster, and other parents are so supportive.  I no longer feel alone in my quest for a classical Christian education for my child.  I still can’t believe what God has done so far with this school, and I am looking forward to all of the good things to come.  Veritas has turned out to be everything we hoped it would be and more!"

- Gary and Shannon Strahan, Silsbee

"Our children’s first semester at Veritas Classical Academy has been wonderful, fruitful, and peaceful. The professional teachers are encouraging and have helped us make a smooth transition into VCA’s classical curriculum and university style school week. We are beyond pleased with the quite challenging curriculum offered at Veritas, which was extensively researched by the school’s administration. We are pleased to see first-hand how well the grades and subjects are vertically and horizontally aligned throughout the school, with all subjects taught in a developmentally appropriate way. Both of our daughters receive training in Latin, a rigorous math and language arts curriculum and Bible each school day. The teacher-created lesson plans are organized and laid out clearly, providing the framework for a successful home-school day, as well as a successful campus day, where they can socialize with other students. The university model provides structure, accountability, academic rigor, and increased time at home.  The increased time at home allows us more opportunities to impart our faith and values on our children, and more opportunities for biblical character development.  God has worked mightily through Veritas to bring the best of both home-schooling and on campus environments together, recognizing and partnering with parents as the primary teachers. We are thankful beyond words for the wonderfully rich education our daughters are receiving through the lens of a Christian worldview, and for the blessing to teach and learn alongside of them."

- John and Stephanie Ross, Beaumont

"Teaching at Veritas Classical Academy is wonderful! As a teacher, I love the fact that what I’m teaching matters. Our curriculum is both challenging and interesting, the stages in which the curriculum is taught allow the students to learn in developmentally appropriate ways, and, most importantly, we are able to weave God and Christian principles naturally throughout each subject. I also really enjoy working with parents as co-teachers. As parents, we truly want the best education for our children that we can possibly provide, so it’s exciting to come together and work as a team in providing that education for the students. The faculty at Veritas is amazing as well and are all committed to giving the best of ourselves to the benefit of our students. Finally, my students are absolutely delightful! They bring a smile to my face every morning and all throughout the day. Because Veritas provides the opportunity for a unique and different educational experience, our students’ love of learning is enhanced and furthered. Teaching at Veritas has been the most rewarding and exciting assignment in my 17 years of teaching experience."

Sherra Edgar, Veritas teacher